Top Tough 10

  • Blue Star Creeper
  • Chocolate Chip Ajuga
  • Double Birds Foot Trefoil
  • Elfin Thyme
  • Goldilocks Golden Moneywort
  • Irish Moss
  • John Creech Stonecrop Sedum
  • Purple Creeping Mazus
  • Scotch Moss
  • Wooly Thyme

STEPABLES are easy to maintain, reduce weeds, fill in quickly or slowly (depending on your need) and give your landscape that special finishing touch.

Scotch Moss used around boulders.

Other STEPABLES that we carry:

  • Archer’s Gold Lemon Thyme
  • Bronze Dutch Clover
  • Coral Carpet Sedum
  • Georgia Blue Veronica
  • Labrador Violet
  • Magic Carpet Creeping Thyme
  • Miniature Daisy
  • Red Creeping Thyme
  • Sunshine Golden Creeping Veronica
  • Verna Potentilla
  • Waterperry Blue Veronica

Good For Your Sole
From pathways to topiaries, STEPABLES are easy to grow and fun to walk on! They’re the most versatile plants for all your garden projects. Add a new dimension of color, texture and surprise to your landscape. Plant STEPABLES and put fun into your landscape projects!

Mixed STEPABLES used around stepping stones add interest and texture.