Deer Resistant Plants

Some of the Perennials, Trees & Shrubs that are deer resistant.

This list of plants is comprised of plants that are the least favorite for deer to eat, this does not mean that on a particular year when food is scarce they will not eat these plants. Almost any plant that is planted along a known deer walking past is in jeopardy of getting at least nibbled.

Perennials Shrubs Trees
Ajuga Althea (Rose of Sharon) Dogwood
Black-eyed Susan Barberry Ginko
Blanket Flower Bayberry Hawthorne
Bleeding Heart Beautyberry Magnolia
Coneflower Boxwood Oak
False Indigo Butterfly Bush River Birch
Foam Flower Caryopteris Serviceberry
Foxglove Forsythia Smoketree
Gaura Holly
Geranium – Hardy Juniper Vines
Heuchera Lilac Akebia
Ornamental Grasses Mockorange Honeysuckle
Pachysandra Mugo Pine Trumpet Vine
Lamb’s Ear Privet Wisteria
Lavender Rhododendron
Lenten Rose St. John’s Wort
Lily of the Valley Shrub Roses
Russian Sage Spirea
Salvia Spruce
Scabiosa Weigelia
Sedum Witchhazel
Thyme Viburnum – hairy leafed var.
Turtlehead Yucca
Deer Favorites
Burning Bush