Ground Covers

Groundcovers come in many varieties that can work well to cover, retain or fill any area. We carry a variety of types of groundcover for sun to shade. Many have beautiful blooms, others attractive foliage, and even evergreen foliage.

Last updated 11-05-20



  • Bronze Beauty Ajuga
  • Burgundy Glow Ajuga
  • Chocolate Chip Ajuga
  • Mahogany Ajuga

False Lamium

  • Herman’s Pride False Lamium

Hens & Chicks

  • Black Cobweb Hens & Chicks S/O
  • Cobweb Hens & Chicks S/O
  • Peggy Hens & Chicks
  • Red Heart Hens & Chicks

Lamium (Spotted Dead Nettle)

  • Beacon Silver Lamium
  • Pink Pewter Lamium
  • Purple Dragon Lamium
  • Red Nancy Lamium


  • Irish Moss S/O
  • Scotch Moss

Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge)

  • Pachysandra

Phlox – Creeping

  • Blue Creeping Phlox S/O
  • Candy Stripe Creeping Phlox S/O
  • Millstream Daphne Creeping Phlox S/O
  • Pink Creeping Phlox S/O
  • Purple Beauty Creeping Phlox S/O
  • Red Creeping Phlox S/O
  • Red Wings Creeping Phlox S/O
  • White Creeping Phlox S/O


  • Dragon’s Blood Sedum S/O
  • Goldmoss Sedum
  • John Creech Stonecrop Sedum S/O
  • Red Carpet Sedum
  • Sunsparkle Blue Elf Sedum S/O
  • Sunsparkle Cherry Tart Sedum S/O
  • Sunsparkle Dazzleberry Sedum S/O
  • Sunsparkle Firecracker Sedum S/O
  • Sunsparkle Jade Tuffet Sedum S/O
  • Sunsparkle Lime Zinger Sedum
  • Sunsparkle Wildfire Sedum S/O

Snow on the Mountain – Aegopdium

  • Snow on the Mountain

Tread & Trail

  • Blue Star Creeper S/O
  • Brass Buttons
  • Coral Carpet Sedum S/O
  • Double Birds Foot Trefoil S/O
  • Elfin Thyme S/O
  • Golden Moneywort (Goldilocks)
  • Goldmoss Sedum
  • John Creech Stonecrop Sedum S/O
  • Purple Creeping Mazus
  • Red Creeping Thyme
  • Wooly Thyme S/O

Vinca – Periwinkle

  • Vinca



Pachysandra Blue Creeping Phlox
Red Nancy Lamium Kamtscaticum Sedum
Purple Leaf Wintercreeper Bowles Vinca
Hens & Chicks Bulgarian Ivy
Lily of the Valley Pink Creeping Phlox
Snow on the Mountain Red Carpet Sedum