New Proven Winners Varieties

Looking for something even smaller? Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ Butterfly Bush has a pleasing compact form that is a dream come true for gardeners with little room. It’s a blooming machine even without deadheading. Good things really do come in small packages.
24-30″ Tall x 24-30″ Wide

Boomerang LilacA remarkable new lilac with fragrant purple flowers that burst forth in spring and then again in mid-summer and right up until frost.
It’s compact, full growth habit and small leaves make it the perfect shrub.
4-5′ Tall x 4-5′ Wide

Lil’ Kim Althea

A unique little shrub with dainty little white flowers with a showy red eye. This plant gives a bigger display because the flowers lasting three times as long as other altheas. But the biggest thing is how little it is, only 3-4 feet tall. Another good thing that comes in a small package. 3-4′ Tall x 2-3′ Wide

Ghost Weigela

A cool Weigela with dark red-pink flowers in spring, sporadically reblooming during the summer into fall. Remarkable foliage that magically turns to a ghostly, iridescent butter yellow as the summer progresses. Provides seasons of color.
48″ Tall x 48″ Wide

Bangle Waxwoaden

Outstanding, electric yellow flowers in early spring produced in waves. Great for containers or massed groundcover plantings. Bangle has an interesting texture and is incredibly showy in the landscape, especially in bloom.
12-24″ Tall x 18-24″ Wide

Invincibelle Spirit Hydangea
The first pink flowered ‘Annabelle’ type hydrangea that is as adaptable as ‘Annabelle’ but with hot pink flowers from early summer to frost. It’s a reliable bloomer year after year. This is a Breast Cancer Research Foundation plant.
3-4′ Tall x 4-5′ Wide

Incrediball Hydrangea

HUGE flower heads as much as 12″ across, held upright onvery sturdy stems, so they don’t flop. Very cold hardy Incrediball blooms on new growth, so even very cold winters won’t keep it from blooming.
4-5′ Tall x 5-6′ Wide