Vines/Ground Covers

Groundcovers come in many varieties that can work well to cover, retain or fill any area. We carry a variety of types of groundcover for sun to shade. Many have beautiful blooms, others attractive foliage, and even evergreen foliage. Don’t forget that Stepables make a great groundcover, check out our information on the Stepables page.

Pachysandra Blue Creeping Phlox
Red Nancy Lamium Kamtscaticum Sedum
Purple Leaf Wintercreeper Bowles Vinca
Hens & Chicks Bulgarian Ivy
Lily of the Valley Pink Creeping Phlox
Snow on the Mountain Red Carpet Sedum
Five Leaf Akebia Vine Dr. Ruppel Clematis
Fireworks Clematis Multiblue Clematis
Carnaby Clematis Jackmanii Clematis
Sweet Autumn Clematis
Goldflame Honeysuckle Porcelain Vine